My name is Alan Headman and I have established UFUCT.org to share the struggles I am having with our judicial system. I hope to help others realize they are not alone in their fight. Learning about injustices shared across the country is incredibly important to the change I am fighting for. My actions are dedicated to raising awareness over unconstitutional applications of law. I have been denied my rights, and I know there are many others who share my struggle.

     I am a tax-paying and law-abiding citizen who had his marriage and family unit destroyed after my former spouse had sexual relations with a now-convicted child-rapist.  Through my experience, I found my state pre-determined to ignore my rights and force me to support the spouse at fault. In doing this, the courts were not following the intent of the laws set by the legislature. This denial of rights did not end there. After providing evidence of a 50% decline in income, the court refused to recognize this as a material change in circumstances. While such a change should have granted me relief, I was instead incarcerated for not being current on alimony payments. I have never been convicted of a crime, yet have been incarcerated as if I had.


     Please follow my cause on social media and donate if possible. Your support can mean a world of difference.  I have been incarcerated twice for fighting for my rights, and the state court is threatening to do it again February 21st 2020.  If I become absent from social media, I am likely in Jail.  Let’s make a change so no-one has to experience the injustice that I, and many others, have.

Thank you for all your support,

           Alan Headman

      “Liberty is about doing the things you love”

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After you read about my cause or share your story, please encourage anyone else who has been unconstitutionally treated to visit this site and share their story.  All who have been unconstitutionally ordered to pay alimony, who have been retaliated against for standing up for constitutional rights or hope to one day be married without the fear of the state stealing our rights have a common cause and need to together.


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